Inspired by Dimensions in Testimony, a collection of 3D interactive Holocaust survivor testimonies at the USC Shoah Foundation, our film portrays revolutionary technology with the character of Marcel, a fictionalized gay survivor.

Dimensions in Testimony allows survivors to record every detail of their story. Over two thousand questions are asked of each one. Then, when a museum visitor asks a question, the survivor is able to answer in real-time, even if the survivor is no longer living. It’s like talking.   Back   and  forth.   Getting  to know someone and starting to care for them.

Emmett holds out hope that if Sam witnesses Marcel’s testimony and “speaks” to Marcel, Sam would be so moved as to reveal his story. The act of sitting down and listening to another person’s story is the vehicle with which empathy spreads from one human being to another. And if empathy thrives, hate is squandered.

That the values of empathy, kindness, and compassion can be shared through technological storytelling showcases the evolving landscape of human connectivity in a digital world.

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