Our Vision

The Liberator is a film that depicts the shifting landscape of human connectivity in a digital world. Our emotional needs as a species are often vested in our self worth. To be told we have merit; that we matter; can make all the difference.

As technology redefines our relationships, surges of isolation, loneliness, and depression rise, especially among our youth. Our political and cultural systems grow polarized, creating bubbles of like-minded people.

Sectionalism foments resentment towards those unlike us.

What we lack is empathy.

75 years ago, as the Nazi crusade came to a searing end, we saw the tragic cost of empathy’s absence. Millions of Jewish people, religious minorities, political prisoners, and gay men lost their lives.

An estimated 5,000 – 15,000 sexual minorities were interned in camps and sent to prison. During liberation, some were actually sent back to prison to finish their sentences.

A gay Holocaust survivor communicating to posterity through technology not only assures LGBTQ+ people they matter, it showcases the capacity of technology to heal others.